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What Causes Sensitive Teeth

What Causes Sensitive Teeth

Teeth sensitivity involves experiencing sharp, temporary pain in your teeth while being involved in certain activities, like brushing, eating, and drinking hot or cold drinks. This occurs when the tooth enamel wears down or when tooth roots expose themselves. This tooth discomfort may be happening as a result of any one of the following reasons.

Brushing and Flossing Mistakes

Brushing too hard and flossing too aggressively can cause teeth to become sensitive. If your teeth start to feel sensitive, it might be a sign that you're brushing or flossing too aggressively. Use a toothbrush with a soft-bristled head, and brush gently along the gumline. Floss gently to avoid irritating the gumline.

Tooth Decay/ Gum Disease

Tooth decay and gum disease can cause sensitive teeth. That's because the protective layer of a tooth becomes damaged. As a result, the inner layer of the tooth, the dentin, becomes exposed. When the dentin is exposed, it can react to hot and cold temperatures.

Cracked or Chipped Teeth

Cracks or chips can happen for a variety of reasons. Biting your fingernails, chewing on hard objects, and grinding your teeth can all cause your teeth to crack or chip.

If your teeth are cracked or chipped, it's especially important to brush them gently and to floss every day. This helps remove plaque and bacteria from the teeth.

You should also talk to your dentist in Oakland, CA, about getting a custom-fitted mouth guard. A mouth guard will protect your teeth from injury, and it can also help reduce tooth sensitivity.

Grinding or Clenching Your Teeth

If you grind your teeth or clench your jaw, you are putting yourself at risk of developing sensitive teeth. Teeth grinding and jaw clenching can occur during sleep, and you may not even realize it. Although your teeth are protected by strong enamel, they are still susceptible to damage from teeth grinding.

Dental Treatments 

Some dental treatments can cause discomfort after treatment when tissue is irritated. For example, when a dentist performs a root canal, the top of the tooth will be sensitive when chewing. But this will subside in a few days. If it persists, see your dentist in Oakland, CA.

If you're bothered by sensitive teeth, do not hesitate to visit your dentist in Oakland, CA. We will identify the exact cause and provide you with the treatment accordingly.

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