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Cosmetic Dentistry in Oakland, CA

If you are not confident or satisfied with your smile, you might make everything hard for yourself. That’s why cosmetic dentistry lets you get a personalized approach for your own smile. At Bay Area Dental, Dr. Spunde can help you rediscover and restore your beautiful, natural, and radiant smile. 

Cosmetic dentistry is specialized dentistry that focuses on ways to improve the aesthetics of teeth and the smile. Cosmetic treatments aim at improving the way your teeth and smile look and restore the functional properties of the teeth.

What are the cosmetic treatments we offer?

We offer various types of cosmetic treatment that can help you to smile confidently, such as:

Teeth-whitening: There are many specific reasons for tooth discoloration. Teeth whitening is an excellent option for the ones who have healthy natural teeth and gums. In-office whitening and at-home professional whitening are the two common ways of whitening teeth.

Smile Makeover: A smile makeover is designated to enhance your smile. If you have ever felt embarrassed about your smile, then a smile makeover can add self-confidence, esteem, and success within you. The dental makeover goals at improving the way your smile looks. This treatment undergoes a series of dental processes that are carried out on multiple teeth to add a beautiful look to the teeth and mouth.

Porcelain Veneers: Porcelain veneers are customized thin sheets of tooth-colored materials that are placed on the front surfaces of the teeth. They help in correcting issues like cracked or chipped teeth, uneven edges, stained teeth, discolorations, space between teeth, gummy smiles, rotated, and malpositioned teeth.

Gum Reshaping: Cosmetic gum reshaping is an essential cosmetic dental procedure. This treatment can improve both oral health and aesthetics. A gum-line that the dentist in Oakland CA creates looks natural, also enhancing your look and supporting your healthy teeth. 

White Spot Removal: The white spots on the teeth might be due to dental fluorosis, poor dental hygiene, enamel hypoplasia, or acidic and sugary foods. These spots can make you feel self-conscious about your smile. With the help of cosmetic procedures, you can get these white spots easily removed.

Bay Area Dental provides many cosmetic dental services under the expertise of the experienced dentist. Call us and book your appointment to achieve the smile you always wished for.


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