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General Dentistry in Oakland, CA

When it comes to oral health, it is essential to restore the functionality of your mouth and maintain a good oral hygiene routine. You need a dentist who can diagnose and treat your dental conditions appropriately. At Bay Area Dental, Dr. Spunde is a general dentist who can identify any dental problem you have. She is also the best at recommending specialists in special cases that need their attention.

What are the general dentistry services available in our practice?

Here are some of the general dentistry services we offer:

Tooth-Colored Fillings

You don't have to get those metal fillings anymore. With modern times offering a modern solution, we also provide tooth-colored fillings made of composite resin or porcelain. These dental fillings are bonded to your teeth for a more durable and natural-looking effect.


Dental crowns, also commonly known as "caps," are tooth-colored covers that fit over your teeth to protect teeth that are cracked, too discolored, decayed, chipped, or worn. They are made of porcelain and can last long if cared for properly.


If you miss several teeth or even one tooth, you might face trouble speaking or chewing and also notice a change in your bite. But with bridges, you can overcome this problem and get a healthy smile and optimally functional again. Dental crowns are used to bridge gaps between teeth to give you a comfortable and strong smile again.


We provide veneers to mask hard-to-remove stains on teeth, correct teeth misalignment, and fix chipped teeth. Veneers are thin and mostly made of porcelain. They are customized to look natural also a durable solution.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth might turn darker over time due to several reasons. Some might be our habits, and others might be undeniable conditions. So, to help you restore your beautiful bright smile, we offer in-office teeth bleaching system. You can get a whole new look in no time, and you will definitely be amazed by the results.


Dental implants are permanent and one of the best tooth replacement options for missing teeth. You can get a single tooth or multiple missing teeth replaced with a very durable and lifelike tooth replacement. 

Bay Area Dental provides many general dental services under the expertise of the experienced dentist. Call dentist in Oakland CA and book your appointment to achieve the smile you always wished for.


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